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Web Summit Lisbon

Web Summit has been called the most important tech event on the planet. It covers a wide range of topics and technologies, with a massive brand presence ranging from small startups to major corporations.

Invisible North and Filecoin showed up and showed out at Web Summit; with a showcase to prove that the future of storage is decentralized.

Core Services

  • Account Management
  • Content Production
  • Creative + Brand Strategy
  • Creative Direction + Design
  • Media and OOH
  • Web3 Experiences

To stand out in an oversaturated environment, Filecoin showed up with playfully bold messaging and design.

With some of the biggest names in tech owning the show floor, Filecoin and Filecoin Foundation decided on a different approach to this year’s Web Summit. We used our unique web3 expertise and experiential know-how to help Filecoin prove that the future of storage is decentralized in undeniable, show-stopping ways. And people paid attention.

The line to our decentralized swag machine wrapped around the block as people tried to grab one of 2000 coved plush Filecoin corgi mascot Biscuits–and taught hundreds of guests the benefits of IPFS for people and businesses.

Guests dove deeper into the future of storage over thousands of free coffees and cocktails.

And the curious had the chance to chat one on one with the developers, engineers and leaders who are building a better way to deal with data, unlocking new business partnerships and opportunities.

The space didn’t just thrust Filecoin into the spotlight, it unlocked a new level of possibility. Web Summit and Filecoin began discussions for the brand to establish themselves as a leader in the space and a chance for the brand to get in front of VIPS, speakers and C-Suite/Executives during one the world’s leading technology conferences in 2023 (and beyond).