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Aston Martin Takes Flight in NYC

Aston Martin and Invisible North launched a new chapter in its 110-year legacy with a grand entrance in the heart of New York City.

Technology blended seamlessly with ultra-luxury to immerse guests in a brand that has been innovating for over a century.

Core Services

  • Account Management
  • Creative Direction + Design
  • Creative Strategy
  • Film + Content Creation
  • Integrated Production

Q New York stands as a testament to Aston Martin’s rich heritage and relentless pursuit of perfection. Prominently positioned on 57th and Park, the brand center pays homage to innovative design and craftsmanship. For its launch, Invisible North gave this crown jewel the setting it deserved, with lighting, decor and an immersive experience seen from blocks away.

A mesmerizing Sonic Runway captured the driving intensity of the brand, using synced LED floors, surround sound and ring lights to give guests all the sensations of being inside the brand’s F1 car in full flight.

Drinks, music and a high-end cocktail experience were crowned with a flourish as Aston Martin’s CEO, unveiled the latest marvel of engineering, heralding a new era of supremacy in luxury performance.

The event was a pulsating blend of heritage, performance, and passion that embodied Aston Martin’s distinguished persona in a way only Invisible North could deliver.