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The Merge, Ethereum Evolved

ConsenSys has been building a new, better version of the internet for years that uses decentralization to offer more security, privacy, and opportunity for all.

But public knowledge of Web3 has been inhibited by technical jargon, an insular culture, and rampant crypto speculation leaving many unclear about Ethereum – much less the Merge.

ConsenSys needed to use the moment of the Merge to welcome mainstream audiences to Ethereum and introduce them to the future opportunities Web3 will unlock for us all.

Invisible north created a campaign to engage and begin conversations with everyone. From the tech-savvy crypto-curious to traditional finance audiences skeptical of decentralized finance, we started a collective conversation about our connected future.

Core Services

  • Account Management
  • Creative Strategy + Development
  • Integrated Marketing Strategy
  • Media Partnership Strategy and Execution
  • Media Planning + Buying

The Approach: Ethereum, Evolved.

Like the Merge itself did for the chain, our campaign evolved the conversation around Ethereum.

We focused on Ethereum as a network where collective action created collective benefit.

Retro-futuristic illustrations and videos evoked the golden days of space flight and science fiction–when society was united in the belief that there was nothing we couldn’t achieve together.

Social and paid media used metaphors, analogies, and conversational language to break down complex concepts.

In order to educate consumers past 240 characters, Invisible North developed a content strategy and a design approach for a site that featured a mix of video, native content, social, blog posts, and third-party content to collectively educate and inspire guests to invest more time in understanding all aspects of The Merge.