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Building Teams and Virtual Worlds

The Intuit Learning & Development team needed to increase training participation and broadcast employee achievements to executive leadership.

To motivate learning creatively, we developed SalesCraft, a one-of-a-kind online video game custom that launched a new Sales Certification Program.

Core Services

  • 3D, Motion, and Game Design
  • Creative + Brand Strategy
  • Creative Direction + Design
  • Film + Content Creation
  • Integrated Production
  • Metaverse Design
  • Virtual Experience

Inspired by other world-building games, SalesCraft features the ability to create your own street, personalize avatars, and compete in daily trivia to keep players engaged as they complete training activities and compete to become SalesCraft Champion. Leadership supports their teams through community challenges, and the competition culminates in a final showdown with grand prizes awarded by executives to top performers.

The success of the game more than tripled the number of trainees, resulting in a 96% rate of participation. Additionally, employees now complete double the training as under the previous program.