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Cultural Leadership Summit


Cultural Leadership Summit

a16z & Invisible North partnered to create an energy-infused and distinctly memorable summit for CLF limited partners and staff. Taking place over two days, guests were invited to experience CLF content sessions, learn more about CLF partnerships, and immerse themselves in shareable moments.

The summit enabled leaders in their respective fields across entertainment, music, sports, and business to engage with each other, a16z General Partners, portfolio company founders and nonprofit partners.

Core Services

  • Brand Partnerships
  • Creative Direction + Design
  • Creative Strategy
  • Film + Content Creation
  • Integrated Production

IN worked collaboratively with a16z to develop a custom ownable visual identity that authentically represents the CLF brand. Utilizing bold colors and topographic designs, the new visual language helped connect to the larger a16z identity while uniquely celebrating CLF and its audience.

An immersive topographic stage served as the focal point for the content sessions. Fluid light strips framed speakers who were warmed by the glow of a large branded CL Summit sun disk rising overhead.

The stage design put a spotlight on the thought leaders sharing the success of the CLF’s very existence as well as the success of the portfolio and non-profits impacted by the fund.

Closing out a day of networking and celebrating the CLF community, guests were treated to a magical sunset performance by Miguel. Experiential design was inspired by the majestic coastline and utilized lighting and stage elements to craft a synergistic stage set-up. Mixed premium seating for guests featured throw blankets, themed pillows, loveseats, and more to provide a flexible space for guests to enjoy the show however they pleased.

The CLF Tech Garden served as the hero moment for the closing party with a foliage-laden pathway soaked in sunset light and a giant sun disk photo moment at its end. A live dj helped ensure the experience ended on a high note. Multiple designed bars, and a Supervsn booth helped to round out a truly immersive experience to close the summit.